Montessori Garden School

9626 West Victory Road
Boise, ID 83709
phone: (208) 562-1420

MGlogocolorGold.jpgMontessori Garden is an authentic and charming Montessori early childhood program. Within the specially prepared indoor and outdoor environments, your child freely engages in constructive activities for practical life, sensorial development, language, math, music and movement—all with the expert guidance from a certified Montessori Master Teacher. It is a preparation for life that will benefit your child for years to come.


Our aim is to support your child’s development and learning during these important years of early childhood. The prepared environment and the experienced Montessori teacher work together to provide a meaningful and joyful experience to help your child unfold to his or her full potential. The program is based on the child’s need to learn-by-doing and on a deep respect for each child and his or her process of forming the adult of the future.

Three-day Montessori for ages 3 – 6

Montessori hands-on activities that support physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development. Your child will build an excellent foundation for a lifetime love of learning.

Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday
8:30am-11:30am  $275/month
8:30am-2:30pm $375/month
New student application fee $50.  Annual materials fee $50, due March 1.

phone: (208) 562-1420



The Learning Environments


Children enter the classroom area from the fenced play yard. Inside they find interesting and attractive Montessori activities for practical life,  sensorial, language, math, and music. Throughout, there is plenty of space to move about freely, engage with educational materials, rest, think, and be with friends. Low windows provide natural light and a  beautiful view of outdoor gardens and trees.


MGgardenThe beautiful outdoor environment includes grassy hills, fruit trees, flower and garden beds, backyard chickens and a berry patch that give the children abundant opportunities to enjoy and participate in responsibilities of real life throughout each season.

The Curriculum

Practical Life activities at Montessori Garden help your child develop increased muscular coordination, concentration, and physical independence. Exercises such as scrubbing a table, peeling a potato, pounding a nail, and sewing a button provide inviting opportunities for movement that assist in the control and refinement of both gross and fine motor skills.


Sensorial Development is one of Montessori’s greatest gifts to early education. The scientifically designed materials help your child to form clear concepts of contrasts and gradations of stimuli and thereby help build the foundation for intellectual development. Through hands-on experience, your child works at his or her own pace to develop and refine the five senses, seeing, hearing, touch, taste and smell, during this important sensitive period of development.



The Development of Language begins with the presentation and classification of the vocabulary of the child’s own surroundings. Pre-reading is hands-on and interesting to young children. Emergent readers and writers gain fluency through a step by step program that is consistent with the latest in language development research.







Early Preparation of the Mathematical Mind is achieved through use of manipulative materials which present mathematical concepts in concrete form. While gaining mastery of math operations, your child is laying a foundation for higher math in later years. Every Montessori Garden student is enthusiastic about math!


MGmusicbellsMusic Education is a daily activity your child will enjoy. The children start by listening to the pure tones of the Montessori bells. Later they learn to match tones and play simple melodies. The children enjoy singing daily and have the opportunity to play rhythm instruments regularly. They gain a strong foundation for further music education and enjoyment. Introductory piano instruction is included in the program for children age 5.


Cultural Subjects of geography, history, art, and the sciences are a regular part of the curriculum—both as individual activities and as group lessons. Our flower and organic vegetable gardens provide a rich education in the cycle of life.


Spirituality and character development are a natural part of the Montessori environment. This includes nurturing sensitivity for living things—plants, animals, and for each other. We do not teach religion, but we do enjoy celebrating traditional Christian holidays and others that you may like to share with us. Kindness to all is our standard of behavior.



MGstaffAnita Wolberd, lead teacher at Montessori Garden, has been a certified Montessori teacher since 1985 and has taught at all levels including adults. She holds Montessori master teacher certification, a bachelor degree from Indiana University and master degree in education from St. Catherine University. She also is certified through Aquinas College for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. She has served as consultant for Montessori schools in Montana and Idaho, led workshops and in-service training for schools around the US and internationally. She has served on various educational boards, including the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE), is an IdahoSTARS trainer, and an adjunct faculty member at Boise State. Anita collaborated closely with Dr. Elisabeth Caspari, direct student and friend of Dr. Maria Montessori, in their school and teacher training program.

Patrick Wolberd, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, continues to devote his expertise in support of Anita’s schools and training programs.  Patrick has a master degree in social work from the University of Southern California and has worked for many years with individuals and families in his private counseling practice. He has directed residential treatment facilities for adolescents, has licensed child care programs, worked as Clinical Supervisor with the Idaho Depart of Correction, and served on numerous professional boards. Upon request, Patrick is available to consult with families of Montessori Garden students.